Hello and Welcome!


I’m Lydia.

An avid DIYer and life-long learner, I’ve never been able to stick to just one craft. Garment sewing, leatherworking, upholstery, and photography are just a few of the creative stops on my never-ending quest to explore beauty and make things with my own two hands. Luckily for me, launching Brass Button Events has allowed me to put my 10+ years of event organization and maker experience to use while continuing to explore new art forms along the way. I’m always excited for new opportunities to encourage creativity and inspire others to make something unique and beautiful with their hands.

For me, teaching is about creating a judgement-free zone that allows you to explore, laugh at your mistakes and smile at your accomplishments.

Our Workshops

At Brass Button Events, we make it easy to host fun, engaging, creative experiences with workshops that are designed for all levels. From private celebrations to corporate team-building events, we foster environments that allow you and your group to connect with one another through the adventure of making something together.


Our Home Studio

Brass Button Events calls Klum House Workshop home for most events. Located in NE Portland, Klum House operates as an educational and community sewing studio, but the welcoming, unique space is also perfect for our DIY workshops. The beautiful, split-level workshop in NE Portland invites everyone who walks through the door to escape from the hustle of everyday life and take some time to connect with others and make something beautiful with their hands. 

In addition to Klum House, we've connected with other meeting and community spaces around town for larger groups and events. Plus, all Brass Button Events can always come to you!

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