Team Building and Office Culture

For today's modern companies, building a strong culture is more important than ever. Gone are the days of stuffy offices, cramped cubicles and the dreaded TPS reports. Instead, companies are looking for new and innovative ways to encourage collaboration, creative problem solving and cross-functional brainstorming between teams. 

One of the major ways businesses are choosing to build these connections is by looking for new ways for their employees to connect with each other outside of the office. Some of these activities can range from simple happy hours outside of the office to trampoline dodgeball to multi day, white water rafting excursions. While some team members may be thrilled with these options, other may instead feel sheer terror at the thought of coworkers throwing not-so-soft balls at their heads, or barreling down a rushing river in a teetering boat with their CEO at the helm? (Who knew extreme sports could be so extreme, right?). 

The purpose of these events are to bring teams together through a shared experience and allow them to get to know each other outside of the office. Instead, some of these events can have the opposite effect where people may feel alienated or left out when the activity requires a certain level of discomfort or sometimes even risk. 

Our solution? Encourage your team to tap into their creative side and make something rad together! 

All Brass Button Workshops are designed for your experienced makers or most skeptic "non-crafters." Instruction is minimal for most shorter activities to allow your group to spend time with each other, have some fun, and share their experiences during the process. Each person leaves with a modern, well-made product with each class, so say goodbye to shoving those unsightly Wine-and-Paint-Night "landscapes" into the broom close and hello to chic office decor! 

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