Workshop Recap: Terrariums


Last week, we had the pleasure of organizing an off-site team event for Nike. As a fun way to celebrate wrapping up their fiscal year-end, they took the team out of the office for a day of reflection, goal-setting, team appreciation, and of course, some hands-on making time.

For groups over 15, we partner with local venues around town to host larger events. For this group of 20, we took the group to one of our favorite spots, 24 Fremont. With plenty of large round tables, wall working space, a projector and screen, excellent sound system and a great bar for afternoon happy hour, it was the perfect place for the team off-site. Breakfast and lunch were both catered, giving the group time and flexibility to meet their goals for the day.

Once all the work was done, the team was ready to party with a few adult beverages and terrarium building! This is one of our favorite teambuilding activities because folks can mingle between stations, share supplies and inspiration, and chat with each other without having to be too focused on workshop instruction. Once you’ve got the basics, you’re free to get creative and have fun with your coworkers.


We think one of the Nike team members said it best: “I loved the opportunity to wrap up a productive work day with a creative activity. It was so great getting to chat with a few people about our personal lives and learn more about each other outside of our working environment!