Workshop Recap: Intro to Leather Working

Howdy, friends! Lydia, here. Just thought I’d get a quick post up about our Intro to Leather Working workshop so you could get an idea of what to expect out of this fun class.

One of my main goals for designing this workshop was to make sure folks can gain some familiarity with leather as a material. If you’ve ever walked in to a leather supply shop, you’ll know how overwhelming it can be to see so many types, weights, colors and names of leather. Where do you even begin!? Fear not, leather friends—we’ll cover all of that in class! First, we start by explaining the difference between tanning techniques (chromium vs. vegetable) then get into the nitty gritty of weights. Yes, here in the US, we categorize leather thickness by weight, not millimeters like the rest of the world (I know, right?) Once you get a handle on choosing your leather, then the real fun begins—you’ll learn how to make some badass leather goods!

In this intro class, you’ll walk away with three different, high-quality leather goods you made with your own two hands. The first is a keychain with a sleek fishhook buckle and solid brass ring. Next, shape and rivet your own leather tray/valet, your choice of leather color and hardware of course. Finally, we’ll all stitch up a natural vegetable tanned cardholder wallet using a trusty and oh-so-helpful saddle stitch. With all of these projects, you’ll have the opportunity to stamp away to your heart’s content using our collection of letters, numbers and fun designs. When we’re all done, we’ll end class with a few tips on finishing leather projects and how to keep them looking great for years to come.

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